Date: April 24,2023

Press Release

Etzanoa New Logo and Rebranding

The Etzanoa Conservancy is excited to announce a new logo in conjunction with rebranding.

In addition to the logo, a new website is at The objective of the rebranding was to create a comprehensive image compatible with the mission, vision, and growth of the conservancy.

Mark Dykes of Crowley County Community College and his students collaborated to formulate logo ideas for the Etzanoa Conservancy Board. Through this process, Dykes created a logo the board felt was aligned with the values of the Conservancy. Its nuanced reflection of the long history of Etzanoa can be seen in every line.

The colors are similar to the previous logo with the addition of an orange tone to represent the grasses on the Great Plains.

Dykes modeled the lettering of the logo after a 1605 copy of Don Quixote as a nod to the Spanish’s visit in 1601.

Key components of this logo include the “O” containing the portion of the Miguel Map, dictated by an indigenous man, was the clue to the rediscovery of the location of Etzanoa in Arkansas City, KS. The section of the map depicted has lines representing rivers and trails as well as two ovoid shapes indicating places of inhabitance. This is Etzanoa.