Etzanoa Conservancy

A 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Organization


Our mission is to lead and coordinate the conservation of the Great Settlement of Etzanoa through collaborative scientific and thoughtful study, while preserving archaeological sites and artifacts.


Our vision is to establish Etzanoa as a site of national and international importance to facilitate learning through the cultural, archaeological, and environmental facets of the Etzanoa community

We aim to recognize the people preceding us and strive to develop resources and experiences for visitors and a learning center to enrich our community and visitors for generations to come.

The Etzanoa Conservancy was formed by citizens of Cowley County Kansas to support and develop archaeological research, preservation, education and tourism in the surrounding area with an emphasis on Etzanoa.

Our plans include:

  • Create “hand on”, project oriented, experiential learning opportunities for students and tourists.
  • Encourage and assist archaeological research throughout the area.
  • Preserve archaeological sites through education, agreement, outright ownership or other appropriate means.
  • Work toward recognition of ETZANOA as a National Historic Landmark, National Historic Battlefield and World Heritage Site.
  • Develop a Visitor Center Museum and Regional Archaeological Center.
  • Work with property owners to create recreational activities that include archaeological learning opportunities.
  • Promote archaeological projects that illuminate the 13,000-year history of Native Americans on the Great Plains.

Board of Directors

President: Dr. David Ross
Vice President: Anita Judd-Jenkins
Treasurer: John Farrar
Foss Farrar
Jay Warren

Ex-Officio Members

Randy Frazer
Dr. Donald Blakeslee
Meredith Mahoney
Ann Headrick